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Monday, January 27, 2014

The Five Elements of Effective Thinking (by: Edward Burger and Michael Starbird)

Last Spring I attended a lecture by Dr. Edward Burger (president of Southwestern University, and perhaps the most famous math teacher since Pythagoras), and received this book: The Five Elements of Effective Thinking (buy it here on Amazon) by Edward Burger and Michael Starbird. It's a quick read with lots of useful thoughts. It ties in nicely with the "growth mindset" research of Carol Dweck, which I've written about on this blog before (and I recommend you search it up). The five elements in the title correspond to chapters in the book, and so that's how I'll organize my blog posts. Each one will be a post with a summary, some critical quotes, and a little personal commentary. Below are links to my posts for each of the five chapters.

Chapter 1: Understand Deeply
Chapter 2: Fail to Succeed
Chapter 3: Raise Questions
Chapter 4: Seeing the Flow of Ideas
Chapter 5: Engaging Change

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