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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Off-topic food post...

Let the label be your warning! This post is entirely a non-sequitur from my usual discourse.

In addition to my love of books, I also love food. Tonight I'm trying out my new vertical chicken roaster (gift from my in-laws). I'm using Guy Fieri's Beer can chicekn recipe (which you can see by clicking here), except I purchased a pre-made spicy dry rub for the chicken. I'm using Yuengling for the beer. Guy's recipe calls for adding cloves of garlic to the beer, which seems brilliant to me. We're putting fresh carrots from the garden in the roasting pan with pepper, salt, and olive oil for maybe 15ish minutes with the chicken. I think we'll probably also throw together some mashed potatoes. All in all, it smells wonderful, and I'm super excited about this dinner. Here's a picture of the bird before roasting...

Bon appetite mes amies! I promise I'll get back to Hamlet soon (hopefully tomorrow!).

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