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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Meditations XXIX

From Marcus Aurelius' "Meditations":

“If anybody shall reprove me, and shall make it apparent unto me, that in any either opinion or action of mine I do err, I will most gladly retract. For it is the truth that I seek after, by which I am sure that never any man was hurt; and as sure, that he is hurt that continueth in any error, or ignorance whatsoever.”

Amen! I am a seeker of the Truth, which, as Marcus says, "never any man was hurt". Again, tremendous humility is required to practice this, but how wonderful to live life as a continual seeker of Truth! It occurs to me that one must also have great self-respect and a healthy self-image to be able to take the reproof of others and accept it with humility and not feel that it is an "attack" against oneself.

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